Updates & Events

Outside play area

In late May of 2022 we created an area where the rabbits could hop around, binky, play, soak up the sun and enjoy fresh air! We rotate rabbits out every 1-2 hours, so that numerous groups can enjoy the great outdoors! We will be adding structures inside, and also adding another fenced in area so they can have more time in the great outdoors. All time outdoors is supervised.

McKenna, who is one of our full-time volunteers has been promoted to the Life Enrichment Coordinator. She consistently has ideas that benefit the rabbits in the best ways! She is always looking for ways to improve their areas, outdoor time and their free roam one-on-one time. In her future she is hoping to graduate early, and dive into her College Career to become an Exotic Veterinarian. She is only 15 years old, and hopes to make a difference in lives of many animals in the future!

Life enrichment coordinator

Conditions rabbits were living in in Kiel Township near Manitowoc, WI.


Filthy and cramped living quarters where 275 rabbits were seized.

Safe, fed & loved in their temporary housing in Denmark, WI.

The rabbits from the seizure were taken to a property in Denmark, WI where they were properly cared for.

One of the adoption days Saturday, August 6th.

Many families came out to Denmark to meet the rabbits and adopt them into their family! Despite their horrid living conditions these rabbits were ready for their furever homes and families!

These three boy spent the first part of their lives unsure of when their next meal would be, when they would have water, and when they would get to see daylight. After spending a couple days in the care of Lakeshore Humane Society they entered a life full of freedom, endless hay, bowls of pellets, fresh water, spacious quarters and loving that they so deserve. Thor & Leo will be up for adoption after some time... Johnny Lightning has joined the President of HEA's family.

Jaime & Kara traveled to Denmark August 6th, 2022 to assist the Humane Society with rabbit cares, adoption questions, examinations, etc.