President Kara Clairmont:

My love for rabbits started when I rehabilitated a baby cotton tail, it was found as a baby and was friends with two flemish giant girls that entered our lives a couple months after the cotton tail. After the harsh winter passed, the cotton tail was released into our yard in the spring, where he stayed for a month or two. He began to adventure to other yards almost immediately. In the end of October of 2017 Daisy Mae, a flemish giant entered the family, Bella Bunny the flemish giant came in the middle of November 2017. Watching the two siblings interact made me curious about their lifestyles and needs. I did a lot of research on what is good for rabbits, what is bad and what is not recommended. I quickly learned that raising rabbits is NOT cheap, especially when you go the right route! Moving to now, we have 10 rabbits of our own, and a variety of breeds. We have Peter rabbit, Luna (Dalunatic), Snowball, Eeyore, Heath, Twix, Jack (Jackie Chan), Bun bun, Edward and Rose. Daisy and Bella have since passed the rainbow bridge, and will be forever missed. It is now my goal to ensure that when rabbits are surrendered that they are given a fair chance at a loving and healthy life, whether they stay with Hoppily Ever After furever, or it is a temporary place to call home until their furever home is found.

Vice President Meghan Hemmer:

Meghan is a avid animal lover and owner of two bunnies, named Tesla and Rosie. Meghan enjoys listening to music, playing basketball, and of course spending time with her rabbits. Meghan hopes to earn a bachelors in biomedical engineering and eventually attend medical school to become a reconstructive/microvascular surgeon. Meghan is very excited to be a part of this rescue as it has been a lifelong dream of hers.

Vice President Jaime Gariepy:

Jaime started out as a mom to a human and two rescued barn cats. Her love for rabbits came after Kara introduced her fluffle and love for rabbits. Bella made her way into Jaime's heart very quickly, as she did to most. When a decision was made to start up a rabbit rescue, she was right on board, and is now an avid rabbit lover!

The ones behind the scenes

From left to right: Kara, Jaime, McKenna & Meghan.

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