Hoppily-Ever-After Rabbit Rescue & small animal rescue.

We need your help!

Running a rescue is costly! We are always in need of itemized donations and monetary. Our current focus is on spaying and neutering. If you are in a position to donate, our fluffle would be forever grateful!

We are working diligently to get our rabbits spayed and neutered. Unaltered rabbits have an adoption fee of $60, altered rabbits will have a fee of $85. Proof of a rabbit friendly and safe area with adequate space is required. We are with you every step of the way after bringing home your new furry friend. We will answer any and all questions 7 days a week!  We offer meet and greets nearly 7 days a week as well, so that you can find the perfect friend to bond with.

Our Mission:

Hoppily-Ever-After will be a safe place and loving home until a “Furever” home is found.

We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit.

Rabbit lives matter; protect, rescue, love, care, adopt & repeat!

Remembering Johnny Lightening

Johnny came to us from the hoarding situation in Kiel, Wisconsin. He appeared to be weak, a bit older, and like he had lost his will to live. This all changed after he arrived in our hands, and made his appearance in God's Country in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

His second day in our care we took him to enjoy the sunset, the breeze, and beautiful Lake Superior. He quickly perked up once he realized that he finally found freedom. He spent his two hours at the beach laying by our sides, and only adventuring about 5 feet away from us at any point. He quickly realized that his days of abandonment and neglect were over. He was underweight and had issues with regaining muscle to become fully mobile again, but he did it. He spent most days outside in a shaded fenced in enclosure enjoying the sun, the breeze, fresh salads, food and water. He played with his friends who came with from the hoarding situation, he did some hopping, but lots of lazing around. He quickly recognized his name, and his caretakers voice. He is extremely loved, and will forever be remembered as a BRAVE bunny. It truly is heart breaking when they cross the rainbow bridge, our only wish  is that we could have gotten to him sooner. Rest in paradise. (Birthday unknown - 09/27/2022).

A little news article about the traumatic situation over 500 animals endured, and an update on Johnny Lightning on August 11, 2022.

We will continue to be the voice for the voiceless, and make moves for the animals that are unable to do so for themselves. Please consider adopting before shopping, most rescues are over flowing with beautiful rabbits that need that furever home! The careless breeding has to stop.